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覆盖 and uncovered parking with frequent shuttle pickup at your vehicle’s trunk

公园ing Information


  • Conveniently located near both North and South entry/exits of the Airport
  • 覆盖 (表达 North only) and uncovered parking available
  • Shuttles provide transportation directly to all terminals for Arrivals/Departures
  • Prebooked 公园ing Available (*Not Valid for DFW Airport 代客)
  • For ADA parking information, please visit the 可访问性 页面

Why Prebook停车

  • Save up to 50% rates when you prebook
  • Promotional offers that provide deeper discounts
  • Take advantage of the convenience of booking in advance


0分钟- 2小时$3.00
2 - 4小时$4.00
4 - 6小时$5.00
6 - 24小时$18.00


表达 公园ing Map

Useful Information

Details For When You 公园
  • TollTag available for easy, automated entry and exit. 访问我们的 TollTag 页面 for more information.
  • Easy-to-locate 表达 drop-off and pick-up areas at the lower level of each terminal
  • 客人必须打电话 +1-972-574-7500 between the hours of 12 a.m. 和5a.m.
  • For 表达 North directions, 点击这里.
  • For 表达 South directions, 点击这里.
  • Cash, major credit cards and NTTA TollTags with credit card on file are accepted.
  • 公园ing at DFW Airport is limited to 90 days. All vehicles parked longer than 90 days will be towed off-airport.
  • For questions regarding your DFW Airport parking experience, please contact 公园ing Guest Relations at +1-972-973-3112 或电子邮件 finparkingrev@barbarapinheiroimoveis.com, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. 下午4点.m.
  • For questions regarding your prebooked parking purchase, please visit our 常见问题.

Shuttle Ride Times* for 表达 North


Shuttle Ride Times* for 表达 South


*Shuttle ride times account for the average time from the pickup location to the terminal. These ride times do not include your wait time for the shuttle.

Entering and Exiting
  • Customers should not pull up closely behind a vehicle. While waiting in a lane, please allow adequate space between vehicles. Pulling up too closely behind a vehicle can result in delay.
  • Existing TollTag customers can use TollTag at DFW Airport provided their account is current and secured with a credit card. If you have a cash account, you must convert it to a credit card account in order to use at DFW.
  • New customers must apply for a TollTag account and will be required to provide a credit card number to which an initial balance will be charged to secure the account.
  • TollTag must be turned on for DFW 公园ing and pass-through activity.
  • Customers who do not wish to utilize their Tolltag at DFW should enter through the "Ticket Only" lane located on the right side of entry plazas. You will be required to obtain a ticket for entry.
  • Customers without a Tolltag can obtain a ticket from any "Ticket Only" lane.
  • Utilizing a lane designated as Credit when paying with a credit card generally facilitates exit due to the number of available lanes of this type and relatively shorter vehicle queue. Credit lanes are located on the right side of exit plazas.
  • Lanes with yellow wide lane signs can accommodate oversized vehicles such as 18-wheelers, 公共汽车, 旅游房车, 等. All access and payment types are available in Wide Lanes with the exception of lanes designated as TollTag Only. Two Wide Lanes are located at each plaza.
  • Credit Card receipts in the automated lanes will only be issued per the request of the customer. Therefore, customers can now choose to request their receipt or simply proceed to exit the airport. This new feature will expedite the transaction processing time for customers who opt out of receiving a receipt.
Helpful 资源
  • For information on employee parking, please visit Employee 公园ing.
  • TollTag is available at 远程, 表达 and 终端 公园ing.
  • Learn about how you can pay or contest your parking citation 在线.
  • Learn on how parking fees are waived for select specialty military plates.

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